Honey production control


I work with a retailer, his shop is located at Paris., He is specialisied in honey products. Every year, he visits our honey production site, but also other producers they have selected with high trusted relations. In addition to their annual visit, we provide them with information including certified photos to prove the geographical position of our hives and of course the datetime. Providing extra evidences is fine for us. It is a guarantee of trust towards our customers who appreciate our products. It is also a sign for other agriculture sectors, we are proud to set an example in the agricultural domain since, it shows sometime weaknesses and therefore mistrust from the public.


Here are some pictures of the production. We take many more pictures (Certiso APP is free and for unlimited use). We do not need to overload our distributor with large pdf files (certificates), we just forward the download link so they could get files to save them localy.


With this additional certified evidence, we maintain or even increase confidence in our industry in general and our local production in particular. It (certisio) is a powerful tool that does not entirely replace the physical presence of our partner. Nevertheless, they regularly reassure him.