Park issue & insurance


My FIAT 500 car was parked on the night of February 20-21, 2019 at the beginning of Rue Poussin, at the corner with the POUSSIN café.
It should be noted that the car was parked in an authorized location.
On the morning of February 21 at 8:30 am, I found my car partly on the sidewalk with the right rear wheel out of control and mounted on the sidewalk.
I immediately called the AXA assistance service where I am insured, which dispatched a tow truck.
According to the tow-truck man, a vehicle hit my car on the side, therefore, the car was moved on the sidewalk.
According to him, both rear wheels were damaged. He decided to tow the car to an qualified garage for repairs.
I then took numerous photos to attest to the veracity of the facts, which I will attach to the complaint that I will lodge at the police station and along with the insurance report.
Indeed, I optimistic since, on the opposite sidewalk (corner Rue La Fontaine / Rue Poussin) we can see a camera that could have recorded the facts.



1- Convincing the assurance of the veracity of the findings made

2- Getting an imputation to unknown third parties